A responsible company

IGS PROTECT positions itself as a responsible company towards the community and wishes, as such, to scrupulously respect the regulations in force by regularly informing its customers to the rules that govern this sector.

A promising future

Our company aims to become a key player in the field of security, to do this it relies on solid employees with a high level of training and increased experience in the field. Our company has for primary objective to position itself at the center of the interests of its customers, this is the reason why our manager is personally involved in the implementation of operations in the field.

Reliability and security

Our operating headquarter is located in Auderghem. An impenetrable fortress by high-end security systems (safe, secure room for your sensitive documents, anti-intrusion system, 24-hour camera surveillance, ...).
Our company cares about the environment that surrounds it and the energy management of its premises by the use of low consumption and low emission technologies.