Our company spirit

Our business philosophy is embodied both in our emblem – the golden eagle – and in the name of our company – Invictus Global Security -.

The royal eagle inspires, by its majesty, beauty, strength of character and prestige. If it is an image of Epinal certainly, it is not necessarily a caricature. The Romans used it as the initials of their armies. And for good reason, this impressive animal has a piercing view allowing it to spot its prey at a distance of more than three kilometers. This bird is the fastest in the world, reaching a top speed of 300km per hour. He also has unrivaled patience, being able to stay for days on the prey to feed his young.

Qualities of the golden eagle, is invited to draw inspiration from each of our security guards on the ground: An impeccable presentation, a sense of observation allowing it to anticipate risks and dangers from afar, reactive speed in the face in danger, a tenacity pushing him to perfect himself every day in order to guarantee our customers a quality service, and a resistance to monitor, often during ten continuous hours, a site in a static way, while keeping ready his capacities to intervene.

The name of our company, Invictus Global Security, is inspired by both the writer William Ernest HENLEY and the victims of September 11, 2001.

Invictus“, from the Latin “undefeated, which one does not triumph, invincible”, is the title given to a short poem by Henley who wrote these few lines in 1875 on his hospital bed, following the amputation of his foot. We discovered it when President of Africa Nelson MANDELA gave it to the Springbok captain at the dawn of the rugby world cup in 1995. We remembered it when we were happy to baptize our company security, to communicate to our customers from the outset our invincible determination to successfully ensure the security of their property and people.

Global Security” is the American concept resulting from the odious attacks of September 11, to qualify, in the head of the public authorities, the taking into account, in a unified and coordinated way, of all the aspects of security (hitherto treated in isolation by each respective department). This is our paradigm since our agents are trained to act and intervene on all aspects of guarding (safety, prevention, security, risk management, audit, interactions with the emergency services, et cetera).

Invictus Global Security” therefore represents our ambition, equal to that of the determined golden eagle, to act in favor of security, invincible and which we think globally, for the benefit of our customers.


Our mission

Our company aims to become a key player in the security sector, to do this it relies on solid employees with a high level of training and increased experience in the field. Our company has for primary objective to position itself at the center of the interests of its customers, this is the reason why our manager is personally involved in the implementation of operations in the field.


Our values

Our corporate culture takes into account the values we have chosen which are essential to the achievement of our mission and our vision. These values, which we apply daily, with all of our employees, mean that today we have been able to win the trust of our customers.

Here are the four values of IGS Protect:
Transparency, Discretion, Discipline and Integrity


Our vision

We are a company that maintains proximity with its customers through the availability of its leaders who are attentive to them in order to support them with real solutions.
IGS PROTECT offers you a new vision rooted in the following skills:
Customer orientation
Flexibility and pro activity
Selection of agents