The handler is a guardian who works in pairs with a trained dog.

This duo is made very effective to face rapid interventions thanks to the dog’s flair, intuition and reactivity, associated with the discernment of the dog handler.

It is :

– Particularly recommended in the detection of intrusion on large sites;
– Ability to intervene in all contexts where the safety of property and people is called into question;
– More dissuasive and preventive than the security guard;

Thefts can lead to a sharp drop in store revenue, and therefore represent an obstacle to the development of its profit margin. In order to meet your expectations, we offer two profiles of security guards:

1. The “static” agent:
– He wears a uniform to bring a feeling of security;
– He is posted at the entrance of the store, to control entries and exits;
2. The retail agent:
– He works in civilian clothes;
– He monitors and detects suspicious behavior inside the store;
– In the event of flagrante delicto, he will intervene according to legal procedures. Depending on the instructions defined with the client, the police authorities may be contacted for verbalization;

Our security guards ensure the protection and security of your property as well as people against any malicious act.

Depending on your needs, the security guard can:

– Perform preventive rounds inside the site as well as outside;
– Notify the competent services in the event of problems or disturbances observed;
– Intervene to define the origin of the triggering of an alarm (fire, intrusion, flood, etc.);
– Ensure the protection and backup of the site on a continuous basis;
– Send you service reports, incidents every day;

All our agents are trained to control the entrances and exits of your establishment.

That consists of :

– Reception, information, and orientation of site visitors;
– The registration of visitors, suppliers and subcontractors in the database;
– Distribution of keys and / or name access badges;
– The opening of barriers and doors;
– Management of telephone calls;
– Reception and orientation of goods;
– Control of authorized personnel (Check badges);

Since our creation, we have been very active in the field of events. Thanks to our expertise and our risk management, we can offer you a range of solutions so that you can conduct your event with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions are mainly based on:

– The organization before and during the event;

– The training of our agents and their monitoring in the field;

– The provision of technical and organizational resources;

Each field agent at IGS PROTECT has, in addition to the security guard training, an industrial first aid training. This is an asset that allows the agent to intervene in time during your events to provide first aid. We are aware of the risks generally associated with each event. This is the reason why our company is committed to having every operation in the field followed from start to finish by a “highly qualified Brigadier Instructor” who will be able to provide you with real solutions. Managing and controlling accesses and exits of a thousand people, channeling flows and overflows quickly and efficiently, guiding the public, managing VIP access, implementing an emergency protocol are our assets in this area. We have been approached so far in very varied fields such as: horse racing, business meetings and seminars, cultural and sporting events, …

IGS PROTECT is currently active in public institutions in the Brussels region and more particularly for highly sensitive sites.

Our approach and experience gives us a major advantage in regards to the philosophical and organizational functioning of these public institutions.

Reception of visitors, control of accesses and exits, building security round, management of keys and packages, encoding of your visitors, establishment of daily reports, management of emergency procedures, establishment of clear and precise procedure notebooks, follow-up on the field of our agents, installation of the material necessary for our mission are our strong points in this field.
Our agents are trained internally to act with diplomacy and professionalism. We can also provide multilingual agents with a good command of Dutch, French and English.